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Sunday, November 13, 2011

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I've browsed lot of blogs from around the world, I love how each and every blogs are so unique. 
And these blogs got me thinking... all the bloggers from Europe, UK or the US featured clothing pieces from brands that we are all familiar with, such as, ZARA, topshop, american apparel, H&M and the list goes on... sorry, side tracked! 
So it got me thinking... I'm being spoiled for choice down in Australia. Many home-grown affordable fashion brands are practically unknown to the outside world! I shall fly the flag for Australian fashion retail brands through my blog! I will feature clothing items from these popular fashion brands each seasons, to show how everyone can translate international trends using Australia's high-street brands.
First thing first, here are the links from some of these great Australian brands...

.witchery. //Bambi is the face of their summer campaign
.portmans. //Abbey-Lee has been the face of Portmans for two seasons

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