.NEW IN: two classic summer pieces.

Monday, November 14, 2011


.straw bag: country road//white linen blazer: SABA.

Believe me, the thought of me wearing white is definitely shock horror  to some, mostly my mom. However, this summer season, I'm drawn to this amazing white linen blazer from SABA! It's such a basic summer piece that can be easily put together with the summer wardrobe you already have. Imagine the white linen blazer with your favorite summer dress, or over silk top and jeans on a cooler summer nights. 
Another piece that I truly believe to be a summer classic piece is this amazing Country Road straw bag. Country Road offers two sizes of these bag, one can obviously be your everyday bag while the other serves as your beach bag :) The leather handle also comes in white, tan and black. I absolutely love mine. It's definitely very chic a la France :) 

Both pieces are in-store now! 

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