.HOTSPOT: lunch in the kitchen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.Chadstone Shopping Center, Malvern East. 

And what we ordered...

.fried calamari. 


.ice chocolate, ice mocha and mixed berry/white chocolate muffin. 

One Friday night, when my friend decides to take work phone home.
The obvious thing to do is to take it back to work, on our Saturday off. But not without plenty of rewards afterward :D 

We went to lunch in Capital Kitchen, located in Chadstone Shopping Center, only the biggest mall in Melbourne, Australia. Love the ambiance of the restaurant, considering how awesome the weather was that day, we sat on the Kitchen's outdoor area. The food came relatively quickly, well presented and taste absolutely delicious! 

The highlight for me, is definitely their muffin, i tried the mixed berry and white chocolate muffin. They're so crunchy on top, almost like the crumble on top of an apple crumble :) Delicious! I'm trying the breakfast there next, have heard a lot of good review about their breakfast. 
Oh! Can't wait to show you what I purchased that day in Chadstone :)

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