.HOTSPOT: a little place on a little street.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

.120 Hardware St, Melbourne.

The hustle and bustle of the kitchen...

And here are beautifully delicious things we ordered...

 .latte with a cinnamon doughnut ball.

 .croque madame.

.poached eggs with lyonnaise ham.

They say great things come in little packages, well I couldn't agree more after discovering The Hardware Societe
The place is tiny and packed at the same time, but trust me the food is worth the wait. Me and my friend were seated at the bar area, facing the kitchen. Which I found delightful because we get to see all the actions, as well as the preparation of our foods. 

Imagine my delight, when I learn the little ball on the side of my coffee cup is a cinnamon doughnut, how thoughtful! They're very famous for their baked egg, however both poached eggs and croque madame we tried were delicious! If these pictures don't make your mouth water, you have serious problem :p

One advice though, GET THERE EARLY

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