.HOTSPOT: lunch in the kitchen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

.Chadstone Shopping Center, Malvern East. 

And what we ordered...

.fried calamari. 


.ice chocolate, ice mocha and mixed berry/white chocolate muffin. 

One Friday night, when my friend decides to take work phone home.
The obvious thing to do is to take it back to work, on our Saturday off. But not without plenty of rewards afterward :D 

We went to lunch in Capital Kitchen, located in Chadstone Shopping Center, only the biggest mall in Melbourne, Australia. Love the ambiance of the restaurant, considering how awesome the weather was that day, we sat on the Kitchen's outdoor area. The food came relatively quickly, well presented and taste absolutely delicious! 

The highlight for me, is definitely their muffin, i tried the mixed berry and white chocolate muffin. They're so crunchy on top, almost like the crumble on top of an apple crumble :) Delicious! I'm trying the breakfast there next, have heard a lot of good review about their breakfast. 
Oh! Can't wait to show you what I purchased that day in Chadstone :)

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.HOTSPOT: a little place on a little street.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

.120 Hardware St, Melbourne.

The hustle and bustle of the kitchen...

And here are beautifully delicious things we ordered...

 .latte with a cinnamon doughnut ball.

 .croque madame.

.poached eggs with lyonnaise ham.

They say great things come in little packages, well I couldn't agree more after discovering The Hardware Societe
The place is tiny and packed at the same time, but trust me the food is worth the wait. Me and my friend were seated at the bar area, facing the kitchen. Which I found delightful because we get to see all the actions, as well as the preparation of our foods. 

Imagine my delight, when I learn the little ball on the side of my coffee cup is a cinnamon doughnut, how thoughtful! They're very famous for their baked egg, however both poached eggs and croque madame we tried were delicious! If these pictures don't make your mouth water, you have serious problem :p

One advice though, GET THERE EARLY

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.NEW IN: finally, you put my love on top.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Been looking for a comfortable ballet flats for sometime now, considering how much I walk, heels aren't good option. Just imagine my excitement to have found these babies!!
I'm a fan of WALNUT Melbourne, the last shoes I bought from them are the comfiest thing to step on. 
So this time, am not thinking twice especially over these wonderful colors. "Putty" basic-neutral color to wear with everyday denim and the wonderful "Fuchsia" for the times I need to add a pop-color to an outfit. 
Perhaps, WALNUT Melbourne is Australia's answer to UK's French Sole, if so its better priced too :)
Go check out their website... .walnut melbourne.

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.HOTSPOT: alternative brunch.

Monday, September 12, 2011

.12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne.

.incase you're wondering what this is, it's the MENU.

And things that are on that menu, simply delicious...

.childhood memory.

.coco chanel.


Turn into a small lane way in South Melbourne, you'll find a simple white brick warehouse-looking building with simple red numbers on top of their entrance. The numbers read, "12-18" 
Through this narrow entrance, you'll soon realized that you've stumble upon a hidden gem of a place, that represent what Melbourne is, to perfection. 
No fancy neon-lights, no commendations on the wall but an absolute raw, unpretentious and coziest eatery I've discovered, a stumble away from where I live. 

Me and my two best-friends, went there for (initially) afternoon coffee while waiting for dinner time to come around. But after we sat down on their cozy outdoor corner, with the view facing some of the most amazing graffiti art I've seen, our curiosity kicks in. After pondering the menu for a while, we ordered, "childhood memory" and "coco chanel". They were both delicious! 
So if you're in Melbourne, give ST. ALI a visit, you won't be disappointed. 

 p.s. all staff were so lovely, and that's another tick for me :D

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.OUTFIT: here i am, once again.

Friday, September 9, 2011

photos// me

.jumper: bonds//skirt: river island//shoes: bally//belt: david lawrence.

Finally, spring is kind-of in the air. The weather keeps changing, it will be nice and sunny one day, and quite horrible, like today. 
Hope everyone has an awesome saturday!

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.NEW IN: the october issues.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


How exciting!!!! The October issue of any fashion magazines tend to be a little bit more blah! Not because it's really bad, but because in Australia September is the "BIG FASHION ISSUE" and November is the "SUMMER ISSUE"; so for that reason October is the "forgotten issue."
However this October, VOGUE Australia is doing not one, not two, but THREE different covers, all fronted by Arizona Muse
Harper's Bazaar not only have the fashion cool it-girl, Alexa Chung on their cover, they also giveaway two-toned tote bag. How fashionably chic!
Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchases today. 
Now! Time to curl up on my couch and breathe in the fashion...

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