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Saturday, July 2, 2011


.reiss' nannette dress.

.issa london.

.catherine walker.
photos//global toronto.com

No other public figure, until now, has inspire and expand my appreciation for personal style like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I've been watching her fashion choices ever since her name circles the world media and the lady hasn't disappoint.

Her style is inspired, her choice in fashion is timeless and what I love the most about the Duchess is her brilliant re-use of clothing items. I know times are tough right now, although I couldn't imagine it to be too rough for the royals; but Catherine effortlessly mixing and matching pieces she used before, always with stunning end results.

The recent royal tour of Canada is no different, she wore the white REISS' nanette dress for Canada day, it's the same dress she wore on the official engagement photo taken by Mario Testino.
What's not to love about the Duchess? Princess Diana will always be the people's princess, but Catherine is definitely princess of the people.

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