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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.vintage YSL brooch.

.Paris Souvenir.

.Paris cushion.

.Paris word-stand.

.vintage Parisian trunk.
Photos: ETSY

I have a fascination, borderline obsession, with anything and everything that has to do with Paris, France. No matter how many times I've visit the City of Light, each time I can always find new things to do, new area to love, and off course... new souvenir to bring home.
Off course, I can't always go to Paris. So I settle for the cheaper alternative, online shopping!! That's why I love etsy.com.au!! I typed in the word "Paris" to their search engine and take a look at what I have found in this amazing website! Can't wait till payday, so I can actually purchase few of these items! I'm eyeing on the vintage YSL brooch for sure ;p

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