.FOUND: etsy.com.au.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.vintage YSL brooch.

.Paris Souvenir.

.Paris cushion.

.Paris word-stand.

.vintage Parisian trunk.
Photos: ETSY

I have a fascination, borderline obsession, with anything and everything that has to do with Paris, France. No matter how many times I've visit the City of Light, each time I can always find new things to do, new area to love, and off course... new souvenir to bring home.
Off course, I can't always go to Paris. So I settle for the cheaper alternative, online shopping!! That's why I love etsy.com.au!! I typed in the word "Paris" to their search engine and take a look at what I have found in this amazing website! Can't wait till payday, so I can actually purchase few of these items! I'm eyeing on the vintage YSL brooch for sure ;p

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.NEW IN: Salvatore Ferragamo.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

.photos by me.

Finally, after few months coming in and out of David Jones' shoe department, I sum up the courage to purchase the second pair of the many dream pair of shoes on my shoe-wishlist.

Let me share with you this elusive list of my dream shoes:
1. Christian Louboutin Declic 90 Patent Leather Pump in Black
2. Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Pump in Black
3.Salvatore Ferragamo Verina Ballet Flat in Black
4. Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 70mm in Nude
5. miu miu Bow Embellished Pump in Red
6. Yves Saint Laurent Palais Suede Pump in Electric Blue

I can't contain my excitement after I purchase these babies! I love love love them! They're classy, timeless piece to have in any women's shoe collection. The decision to choose black patent leather is a conscious one, because I want to make sure that I can wear these babies with as many wardrobe options and it will last me forever.

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.WISHLIST: luxurious accessories.

Friday, May 27, 2011

.chloe rachel clutch.

.miu miu bow embelished pump.

.oscar de la renta necklace.

.the row tortoise-shell frame sunglasses.
picture sourced from net-a-porter

If I were to have the ultimate fashion wishlist, all of the above will be at the top of my list. And if money is no issue, the wishlist would be my 'to buy' list.
I've been looking for the perfect clutch for so long, and this Chloe clutch is PERFECT. I'm absolutely in love with the color, the edgy shape and the bow detail.
So... I'm obsessed with bows! And I think my heart skipped few beats when I saw these red patent leather miu miu pumps. These pumps will inject the perfect amount of color into our generally black-dominated winter wardrobe.
How I love this amazing Oscar De La Renta's pearl necklace! It can dress up a simple tees and shirts. This baby can probably make potato sack looks couture.
Finally, The Row's tortoiseshell-frame sunglasses. Well, I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's non-chalant, cool approach to fashion which these sunnies sums up perfectly. And off course, tortoiseshell frame is timeless.
Hoohhh... a girl can once again dream.

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.WISHLIST: diptyque candles.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

.pictures sourced from diptyque paris.

Let me start by saying this, I do love my job.
However, sometimes, retail can be quite stressful.
So when I'm home, my room is my sanctuary and one of the essential item I must have in my room is candle. I happen to love these diptyque scented candles. They're the most amazing, and quite pricey, scented candles. I especially love their floral scented candle collections, which includes two of my current wishlist items, baise and roses. Considering how pricey they are in Australia, I've decide to make feuille de lavande candles my immediate splurge the next pay-day. I can't wait to light the lavender scented candle in my room and imagining myself on top of a lavender hills, somewhere in South of France, oh dear a girl can dream...

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.INSPIRATIONS: kimono kaftan.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

.nicole richie.

Nicole Richie's boho-lux style has been inspiring me for sometimes.
Her look is effortlessly chic and very cool lazy sunday.
The silk kimono material she uses for her collections are vintage,
but her Winter Kate kaftans' are timeless.
But off course, not all of us have her kind of money in the bank, therefore I've scoured asos.com and found these amazing pieces...

.asos oriental print batwing kimono.

.oh my love chiffon kimono jacket.

.reverse coral print kaftan.
source: asos.com

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.FOUND: amazing choc-brownie recipe.

Monday, May 23, 2011

picture by: me

In times of stress, I happen to rely on the obvious, retail therapy.
But once in a while, a girl needs to control her spending. So my other form of therapy is baking!
I have search high and low for the simplest, most perfect chocolate brownie recipe
and I think I have finally found it!!!

What you need?
125g dark chocolate
225g unsalted butter
4 eggs
125g soft brown sugar
125g caster sugar
50g plain flour, sifted
20g cocoa powder
100g choc chip buttons

How to make it?
1. Preheat over to 170C/335F. Line square cake tin with parchment paper
2. Melt dark chocolate and unsalted butter over a bain-marie, stir until smooth
3. In separate bowl, mix eggs, brown sugar and caster sugars and beat until thick and creamy
4. Add chocolate-butter mixture, then fold in the sifted flour and cocoa powder, followed by choc-chip buttons, mix well
5. Pour the mixture into the cake tin and bake for 30 minutes, or until the skewers inserted into the center comes out clean
6. Cool on rack and cut into squares.

You can also substitute choc-chip buttons with nuts, whatever take your fancy. Now, I found the recipe from the amazing book published by Le Cordon Bleu titled, 'Chocolat: The Chocolate Bible' that I bought at David Jones.

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.HOTSPOTS: brunch and desserts.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

.107 Canterbury Road, Middle Park.

.38 Toorak Road, South Yarra.

Although Sartorial Pursuit, by definition, has to do with all things fashion, I'd like to think that my own definition of sartorial pursuit is the ultimate enjoyment of life.
Restricting my pursuit to just fashion will be the ultimate misfortune on my part.
So here I am, spreading my wings, sharing my ultimate other love of my life...
food, good food.

My recent discoveries are...
Mart 130 offers the ultimate brunch experience, complete with friendly waitresses & waiters.
Highly recommended: mart egg #2 and mart egg #3

Luxbite has definitely brought out the kid in me today! Lovely little place with amazing desserts.
Highly recommended: all macaroons flavors!

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.FOUND: the perfect camel coat.

Friday, May 6, 2011

.SABA Amelia Camel Coat.
Source: saba.com.au

Finally! After searching for so long, I have found the perfect, most beautiful camel coat.
The thing that I love the most, it comes in such a classic cut.
Oh! and did I mention they're made from wool and cashmere blend??
It will cost you $599, so this is definitely an investment rather than a fashion one-off.

Now the best thing about this one from SABA...
AUSSIE fashionistas, this could be the perfect mother's day gift.

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