.FASHION: shoe fetish.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

.my shoes collection... well half of it anyway.

.my newly acquired, Walnut animal print.
Walnut is a Melbourne based shoe brand, they're super comfy and definitely cute designs!!!! Check out their website, HERE

.vintage from camberwell market.

.my summer favorite.

.my winter favorite.

It's a gloomy Wednesday afternoon in Melbourne, so I decided to cheer myself. I decided to lay out all my favorite shoes, clean them and stack them back on their racks nicely.
What I have on the first picture is probably half of the actual number, however I have eliminate many because I'm running out of space to put them. Oh! and my mom is so close of throwing them herself cause she's sick of my shoes invading our apartment :p
So while doing my Cinderella-esque task, I decided to take pictures of them and show you some of my favorites. Enjoy!

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.INSPIRATIONS: gisele - the glamazon for H&M.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Source: H&M

It's been a while since we see her face on the catwalk or magazines, understandably she's been focusing on her personal life, however the fashion world misses her.
Finally she's back! Gisele is the face of H&M's spring/summer campaign. Obviously, being in Australia, H&M is not accessible for me but I just love all these pictures from the campaign, I had to post it!
I've been very busy with my everyday job lately, however, I've been struck with amazing ideas to improve this blog. I'm excited!! Can't wait to show everyone.

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.WISHLIST: my ultimate wish-list.

Monday, March 14, 2011

.acne's rita textured biker leather jacket.
.burberry patent leather shoulder bag.
.Yves Saint Laurent Palais suede peep-toe.
Source: net-a-porter.com

In my perfect world, the three items above are on my ULTIMATE wish-list. I am head-over-heels in love with Acne's leather jacket, in all honesty I do own my very own leather jacket, but Hey! A girl can never have too many cool leather jacket.
One of my favorite trend this season's is color-blocking and this amazing jewel-toned Burberry Prorsum's purple patent leather shoulder bag is PERFECT!
And last and by no mean least, I'm actually saving up for these babies, YSL Palais pump. I truly believe that they are perfect in which ever colors I can get my hands on!

Now to a very serious topic of discussion, I believe I have found a solution to a problem I spotted lately. My problem happens to be, young girls prancing around, in public, wearing super-short-shorts and crop-cropped-top! I am gob-smacked!
So when one rainy Sunday afternoon I happened to stumble upon a treasure, written by my one of my favorite fashion writer, Derek Blasberg, I said to myself...
"Finally, a well-written, well-humoured book that actually address the issues of being a classy young lady rather than a virginal tramp!" And therefore, please I beg of you lovely young girls out there, have a read...

Source: Book Depository.com

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.FASHION: Alexander McQueen Fall 2011.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Source: style.com

I'm sure many people, whether you are in fashion or know of fashion, are still recovering from the tragic loss of Alexander McQueen. Alas the show must go on!
This fall season for the house's ready-to-wear collection, Sarah Burton took the bull by its horn - so to speak, and created beautiful pieces that still reflect the beauty and McQueen's genius.
Surely, for Burton, it's not the easiest task to follow the footsteps of this decades' fashion genius! Personally, I believe that Burton has managed to keep the essence of McQueen. Sure apart from Gaga herself, no one can really wear these dresses in an everyday situations.
But it's all about the show! That's why people love McQueen!
And it would be unfair to compare Burton to McQueen. Burton delivers, in her own right, a wonderful and whimsical show.

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.DIARY: Step up! Step Up! It's The Catwalk Circus!.

Monday, March 7, 2011

.My outfit for the day.
Blazer: Zara
Singlet: French Connection
Leather Skirt: gorman
Boots: Acne

.my fashionable besties.

And the show begins...

Sorry for the late post about the Catwalk Circus, been super busy at work! It was an amazing night majorly cause by the amazing circus performances! My ultimate favorite was the dance group at the finale of the event, it was Alice in Wonderland meets Cirque du Soleil!
However, I have to say some of the designers are quite disappointing. My favorite was collections by et al, I feel their collection was the most solid and put together.
I still enjoy the night regardless, and looking forward to L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in a week time!

I shall live you with a little pic which I thought was so cool,
Australian's Anna Della Russo?!? Look at that head piece!

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