.menswear fall 2011.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

.costume national.

.costume national.

.maison martin margiela.

.Comme des Garçons.
all photos sourced from STYLE.com

In all honesty, I've never paid much attention to men's fashion. Believe me, I enjoyed all the gorgeous male models on parade, BUT I just don't find menswear fashion as interesting as women.
So with a suggestion from a friend during one Chinese New Year dinner, I've decided to put my bias judgement aside.
Arm myself with an open mind and style.com extensive coverage, I've embraced menswear fashion.
Turns out, menswear have a lot to offer. From the very traditional look of Bally, to the quirky and colorful world of Comme des Garçons.
And for that reason, let the men parade down the runway cause I'm officially intrigued and am looking forward to next season's menswear events.


Aries said...

that yellow brownish coat looks interesting :).. it's kinda bruce lee / (slash) kill bill theme.. brings lots of action ;p

love that coat xo

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