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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

.finally, i'm 24! best chocolate hazelnut cake ever! THANKS MOM!!!.

.river island booties, happy birthday to me!.

It's a day after my birthday! So yes I am 24 and I'm more than happy to be 24. People might scare away from birthday cause obviously we get older. But I embrace birthdays! It's a new chapter in life, as you get older you've become wiser, no? More challenges coming ahead, more life lessons to learn. This year is probably the best birthday so far because of few reasons.
Firstly, my river island booties which I was willing to kill to get my hands on them are here!!!! Next, my dad decided to remember to say happy birthday this year!! Yayyyy!! Mom and my brother bought a very yummy cake!! But most exciting of all...
I got a job offer! Can't talk much about it but it's AMAZING!!!! Hopefully it will all works itself out for the best outcome! Off to cool outing with my new booties!


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