.OUTFIT: it's sunday!.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

.my lazy sunday tribute to "stealing-my-bf-wardrobe" look.

.the complete outfit.

.without the jacket.

.the bangles from Thailand!.

jacket: ZARA
top: french connection
pants: country road
belt: david lawrence
shoes: tony bianco

By now everyone will realize how much I LOVEEE my ZARA blazer. But here are my outfit today. Even though I'm wearing a "spring/summer" inspired look but I wasn't very warm today. The wind was quite strong and I was quite freezing.


ling said...

i LOVE them shoes to the max!

Shalysse said...

yay ive found another stylish blogger from australia (: tony bianco is wonderful i love love love his shoes so much!


.karina. said...

thanks shalysse! i adore tony bianco!

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