.WISHLIST: these boots are made for walking.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

.asos amos suede ankle boots.

I really really have to start saving up soon. I have an exciting 3 years plan that I just come up with, which I will share with everyone soon. However, in order for all of it to come to fruition, I need to save up money!


These ankle boots are just amazing! I don't know what to do with my life! I need it! I want it! I just purchased that camel coat tho', I don't know if I can afford this one as well, especially when I know, I need to save up! Decisions, decisions.. so I need help.
To buy or not to buy??


.DIARY: melbourne's spring.

.see the rainbow?.

Here's the view from my apartment's balcony. Yes, Melbourne is in spring season. I've got the hay-fever and the city has the horse racing carnival to prove it. But yes, as you can see the sky is grey, it's been raining all day and finally the rainbow peeking through.
This is why I love Melbourne, it's a beautiful city with its unexpected daily season changes. Charming city which I absolutely adore.


.WISHLIST: i know it's summer in australia.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BUT... I need this camel coat so badly!

It's from asos.com my favorite place to online shop in the whole wide world! I tried to purchased it before however it got cancelled because the stock run out! BUT this time!!! THIS TIME, I'm sure it's MINE!!!!
Let's all collectively put the thoughts to the universe! I have asked and I shall received!


.OUTFIT: it's sunday!.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

.my lazy sunday tribute to "stealing-my-bf-wardrobe" look.

.the complete outfit.

.without the jacket.

.the bangles from Thailand!.

jacket: ZARA
top: french connection
pants: country road
belt: david lawrence
shoes: tony bianco

By now everyone will realize how much I LOVEEE my ZARA blazer. But here are my outfit today. Even though I'm wearing a "spring/summer" inspired look but I wasn't very warm today. The wind was quite strong and I was quite freezing.


.BOOKS: what i'm reading now.

.Lauren Conrad Style.

You got to give it to this young lady. Yes, she used to be in a reality series. But Lauren Conrad has managed to steer away from the typical "Hollywood" lifestyle and came out the other end, well normal.
I have been admiring her Californian-casual chic style since the first episode of "The Hills" and the arrival of this book has been somewhat long-awaited. Sometimes I re-watch episodes from "The Hills" just to get inspiration from LC's outfit. This book will be an interesting read...


.OUTFIT: four seasons in melbourne.

Monday, October 18, 2010

.walking about around town.

jacket: ZARA
cardi (worn as vest): david lawrence
dress: french connection
leggings: french connection
shoes: topshop

Armed with my Mulberry and RayBan sunnies, I'm going to battle the Melbourne's weather. Since I'm back from my holiday, I've been absolutely confused with the weather. It's sunny one minute and drizzling the next. What a girl to do with her outfit?!?


.OUTFIT: sunday afternoon.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

.the strong Melbourne's SPRING wind!!.

jacket: ZARA
t-shirt: agentninetynine from general pants
cardigan: devid lawrence
jeans: levi's
scarf: cotton-on
bag: mulberry
shoes: ZU
sunglasses: rayban!

Sorry about the lack of light of these photos, but definitely rushing home from the movie trying to catch this outfit cause I love it!!!!


.DIARY: holiday memories sept'10.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


.DIARY: holiday's fave outfit!.

.me and my girls at Bangkok Airport.

Love my navy blue dress! Purchased in Bangkok's shopping heaven, for absolute bargain 450 baht which equals to about $16 Australian dollars! Seriously, BARGAIN!!!

.excuse the confused face, new camera!.

Top: Topshop
Shorts: GAP
Belt: David Lawrence

This is definitely, without a doubt, my fave outfit throughout the trip. The shirt is so light and easy to wear and I love, Love, LOVE, the black shorts - wore it with absolutely everything! I'll post more holiday pix soon and you'll see that I wore the shirt to death :D


.DIARY: greetings from Bangkok!.

Monday, October 4, 2010

.my new fave. necklace!!!.
.me and gene - the creator of my new fave. necklace.

.look out for this sign!.

Hello world! Quick greetings from Bangkok here! Still continuing with my amazing holiday trip! I will definitely upload more photos and let you know more about my trip as soon as I'm back home in Melbourne! But I thought I'll make a quick update on one amazing discovery I made in Singapore!
If you're planning to visit Singapore, please come and visit my new friend, Gene who owns a jewellery stand "g-ene, handmade accessories" Where? Orchard Central. Every weekend. For more info, check out her blog,


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