.WISHLIST: mr.postman please hurry!.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

.asos.com - tan leather bag!.

.topshop clog.

There are times when I wonder, why oh why did I ever choose to go to school in Australia? It's so far away from everything! I could've picked State-side or better yet, Europe! As an avid buyer and lover of fashion, I'm devastated now that I realized how far away I am from fashion-civilizations!
But all that has changed! Since this woman discovered the beauty of online shopping, I have indulged my debit-card with a little bit of spending. These two items are on-route to my house, AS I TYPE! I am beyond excited and really mr.postman there are no better time to hurry the peddling up than now!!!!

.toodles lovers!.


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