.DIARY: it's time to leave the cold weather behind.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spring is knocking on Melbourne's door. But the weather is still grey and unpleasant! So it's time to leave the beautiful city behind for a while and explore the rest of the world. To be exact, to a more warm weather of Jakarta, my hometown!
Since I haven't been on holiday in AGEESS!! I'm going to be ambitious this holiday! I'm doing the jet-set, high-flying lifestyle on the cheap :P So the plan is to take a low budget airline from Jakarta to....


Shopping heaven for South-East Asian region for sometimes now. The plan is to shop, LIVIN' IT UP! Chillin' on the beach and hitting the club with my girl! :D And then the good times keep rolling with...


Yeah baby!! More bargain buy and hanging out with my girls! LOVE IT! So can't wait to finally be there, all these planning makes me all giddy for nothing! Can't wait to see all my girls again! We're going to rip these towns APART!
Off course, I will take lots and lots of pictures. My trustee canon will be with me on these amazing journey!!! I will snap everything and anything :D

.toodles lovers!.


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