.DIARY: oh how i miss home.

Friday, September 24, 2010

.the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.

I never realized just how much I miss my hometown. Despite all the traffic jams, hot-sticky tropical weather and all my alergies haunts me all at once, I really do love Jakarta. It's my second day here and I am deprived of internet connections and my blackberry decided to now work! Finally after hours of waiting, I am connected to the world again!
So far, I've eaten food that I missed most, grandma's cooking :D and pampered myself with a trip to the hairdresser and a new hair-do is called for! As soon as I get my hands on my new mac, I will be online more often. Speak soon!
From Jakarta with lotta love!!!


.holiday mode starts NOW.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hello everyone,
as I mentioned before, I'm taking a two-weeks trip to Jakarta-Singapore-Bangkok! Flying out of melbourne tomorrow morning! It's so long overdue, not only the holiday itself but also meeting with my favorite people! I will post photos and hopefully some videos as well as all the wonderful things I will be doing during the trip.
I will definitely, turn all these cities upside-down for a WIFI connections, so that I can update this blog during the trip. Hopefully, I will be updating using my still-on-the-to-buy-list, new macbook pro!!! I'm so excited all these plans coming to fruition!

.apple mac book pro, on my to buy list.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

.my favorite looks from the show.

I thought the show was very inspired. First of all, the choice of songs were amazing! I especially loved the song for the finale. The look for Burberry this season, is a clash between biker/rocker-chic, yet there are touches of feminine/floaty silk dresses and leopard-print dresses. Definitely, loving their new take of trench-coats. Especially love the pop colors used in accessories such as, belts and bags. Amazing show! The genius Christopher Bailey has once again amazed me! Huge fan :D


.NEW IN: my brand new acquisitions.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

.my asos bag.

.topshop clog.

Please excuse the messiness of my room :p but here are the pix of my newly acquired favorite things! I love love love my new asos bag, I carry around everywhere, to work and play! And I haven's been able to take those clogs off my feet! Been wearing it around the house and at work! Obsessed! They are gorgeous!

.toodles lovers!.



Friday, September 10, 2010

Just finished watching BCBGMAXAZRIA runway for spring 2011. So what's to come for spring this season? Since I live in a place where the season is flipped upside-down, all things on the show is applicable straight away in Melbourne (well... not just yet.)
They start the show with arrays of LWD (Little White Dress), mostly knee-length and using very light fabrics. The cute thing about the dresses are some includes invisible pocket which is great. I love my pockets! The show than gradually shows more taupe and grey tone dresses, off course coral colors and finally the basic black. The finale dress is stunning! Black lace maxi, a small touch of goth-romantic. The dresses on show are very wearable and perfect for spring, and off course summer.
To watch it yourself, here's the link (copy and paste to browser):

.toodles lovers!.


.OUTFIT: today's look.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

.what I wear today?.
Top: cotton on
Wool Vest: Fernando Frisoni from Alice Euphemia
Shoes: Tony Bianco

Today's weather is something all Melbournian should be thankful for. It was quite warm and sunny. So I decided to take the liberty of wearing shorts, with tights off course, and just a layer of long sleeve tee. By the afternoon, I was quite cold actually. Back home at the moment and in dire need of warmer outfit :D

.toodles lovers!.


.WISHLIST: mr.postman please hurry!.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

.asos.com - tan leather bag!.

.topshop clog.

There are times when I wonder, why oh why did I ever choose to go to school in Australia? It's so far away from everything! I could've picked State-side or better yet, Europe! As an avid buyer and lover of fashion, I'm devastated now that I realized how far away I am from fashion-civilizations!
But all that has changed! Since this woman discovered the beauty of online shopping, I have indulged my debit-card with a little bit of spending. These two items are on-route to my house, AS I TYPE! I am beyond excited and really mr.postman there are no better time to hurry the peddling up than now!!!!

.toodles lovers!.


.WISHLIST: get me my bowler!.

Monday, September 6, 2010

.ASOS Bowler Hats.

Looking for this hat almost feels like looking for needle in a haystack! I've been looking everywhere for a bowler hat and Melbourne seems to hide them from me. The one I found on ASOS is exactly what I wanted, however keep in mind, I do have to pay shipping for this item. Therefore, a wonderfully inexpensive 20 pounds hat, becomes a quite expensive 30.50 pounds hat. So with heavy heart I must keep searching for my perfect bowler hat! OPSHOP HERE I COME!

.toodles lovers!.


.DIARY: it's time to leave the cold weather behind.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spring is knocking on Melbourne's door. But the weather is still grey and unpleasant! So it's time to leave the beautiful city behind for a while and explore the rest of the world. To be exact, to a more warm weather of Jakarta, my hometown!
Since I haven't been on holiday in AGEESS!! I'm going to be ambitious this holiday! I'm doing the jet-set, high-flying lifestyle on the cheap :P So the plan is to take a low budget airline from Jakarta to....


Shopping heaven for South-East Asian region for sometimes now. The plan is to shop, LIVIN' IT UP! Chillin' on the beach and hitting the club with my girl! :D And then the good times keep rolling with...


Yeah baby!! More bargain buy and hanging out with my girls! LOVE IT! So can't wait to finally be there, all these planning makes me all giddy for nothing! Can't wait to see all my girls again! We're going to rip these towns APART!
Off course, I will take lots and lots of pictures. My trustee canon will be with me on these amazing journey!!! I will snap everything and anything :D

.toodles lovers!.


.NEW IN: successful shopping trip.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

.DKNY be delicious fresh blossom.

The latest edition to my perfume cabinet. Excited to welcome the joyfull pink apple-shaped bottle of deliciously sweet perfume! I've been wanting this for so long, finally it's mine! Definitely a sweet and fresh perfume, ready to welcome spring/summer seasons.

.LEVI'S curve ID collection.

So my curve ID is DEMI-curve, the demi curve jeans supposed to show off my waist and flatters my curves! And boy do they ever! I tried them on in fitting rooms and wonder wether it was the mirror-trick most retailer do. These jeans really flaunts my curves. Can't wait to wear them tomorrow, and yes there'll be pictures! :D Word of advice, go get you curve ID TODAY!!

.toodles lover!.


.NEW IN: light red jacket.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

.veronika maine's red jacket.

Jacket: Veronika Maine
Top&Shoes: David Lawrence
Jeans: Cheap Monday

Supposedly, it's the first day of spring here in Melbourne. But obviously, Melbourne being a city with four seasons in a day, is still pretty cold. So what a girl to do?? A girl goes to a lovely store next door called Veronika Maine and purchase this amazing red jacket. It's part cotton, therefore its only oh-so-lite! So here's to spring!!! Welcome to my town, lovely weather!


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