.OUTFIT: when the camera finally loves my mac.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

.Fernando Frisoni's bamboo/wool vest.

.ALPHA60 pleat scarf.

Please excuse the my unflattering bedroom, but after working out how to be-friend my camera to my macbook, this is definitely the first of many more pictures to come. Considering how wonderful today has been, I must share with you the two precious items I have purchased today...
After months of coveting the ALPHA 60's pleat scarf, I finally bought them today. There wasn't much contemplating to do I must add, I'm in love with them the moment I saw them, just haven't got justifications financial-wise on wether to purchase a $120 scarf. But in the end, my heart won!The Fernando Frisoni wool/bamboo blend vest was a bit of an impulse purchase, but weighing the fact that it was more than 50% off which girl doesn't love a bargain!
Definitely, been a good day for me and a rather somber day for my savings account. The bank should really call it spending accounts! Oh well! My happiness triumph my savings account any day!


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