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Sunday, August 22, 2010

.my leather skirt from gorman.

Never get in between a woman and her obsession. I think that's the lesson my friend learn the hard way today, I've deprived her of water cause I'm obsessed on finding my leather skirt! Finally, after a long day walking around Melbourne and definitely tearing the city stores upside-down! FINALLY, I have found my treasure chest, the lovely store in GPO called gorman. Off course, gorman isn't a new brand that no one knows, it's Melbourne based brand that has definitely made a name for itself. Now, BIG "Thank You"- note to gorman, I have made peace with myself because finally I have find my leather skirt! So if there's any lovely ladies out there wondering where in the world we could find a nice, sophisticated leather skirt, gorman is the answer my dear.


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