.INSPIRATIONS: lovin' the khaki moment.

Friday, August 13, 2010

.khaki moment in hollywood.

Yours-truly has the luxury to work in fashion retail industry, therefore I get to see what the designers are doing before-hand; and definitely has the advantage of knowing what's hitting the chain-store nearest and dearest to all of us. Now, everyone know one of the fun thing about working in retail is the free-clothes to wear to work, so last week was my style-night session where I get to pick whatever I want to wear to work. After purchasing all my outfits, I realized I have purchase, not one, but three khaki colored assembles. They are, waterfall cardigan, crop parka and finally cowl-neck knit.
Now it's only fair that I paired them up with my other favorite colors, tan and navy. So gave me the excuse to buy tan-colored ankle bootie, which I love! Everyday from then on, every time I walk to work, I notice more and more chain-stores gone khaki-mad. Now all of you as the consumer, what's the verdict on khaki?


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