.INSPIRATIONS: to clog or not to clog?.

Monday, July 26, 2010

.chanel clog s/s'10 collection.

Yes darlings, that is the question need to be answered a.s.a.p, considering spring/summer is just around the Melbourne's corner. To clog or not to clog? Plenty of Australia's chain-stores are starting to sell these '70s revival. As I walked pass one particular chain-store, I saw not one but three styles of clogs! Perhaps its the kid in me wanted to relive the time when I went to Holland for family holiday, but these clogs are really taking my fancy. However, the more economical side of me is trying to weigh the cost-per-wear. I know that I will perhaps wear them once, but after that who knows? So are you, or aren't you, doing the clogs?


.NEW IN: bargain du jour.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

.amazing medium sized shoulder bag, $19.95.

Never knock a chain store bought products, if I didn't tell you how much the bag (pictured above) is, will you think this amazing bag with zip detailing cost $19.95! It's faux-leather, but off course, however very soft and has that high-quality leather look and feel. The bag is very "on-point" with this season trend, zip detailing and chain-strap. In a very light shade of grey, the bag will definitely look amazing against my primarily black winter wardrobe. Not to mention, my purchase of the day included the Olivia-inspired black fur vest which to me JUSTIFY the purchase of this bargain bag. Love it!


.WISHLIST: ferragamo varina flats.

Monday, July 12, 2010

.salvatore ferragamo, varina flats.

What are the odds of finding a magic lamp, genie included, who can grant me with three wishes? When I do, I will ask him for exactly three things, the varina in black, varina in nude with blue ribbon, and finally, varina in white with black ribbon. Again since, the odd is highly unlikely, I'm just going to continue praying, (and increase savings, off course!), that one day I can finally own just one pair of these very special shoes.
This people, is what I call an investment. Some people spend a lot of their money to obtain volume, the smarter bunch however, prefer to spend money on investment pieces. Pieces of very stylish and classic items of fashion, not hot-off-the-runway fashion BUT the forever-ever-after fashion. From Audrey Hepburn to Jackie-O, to the stars of today, the Ferragamo flats have proven to have the staying power of an investment piece. It's only serves them right, to be treated with such admiration.


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