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Saturday, April 3, 2010

.the book behind the movie "Coco Avant Chanel".

Reading the story behind the woman that revolutionized fashion is awe-inspiring and intriguing at the same time. Now, Gabrielle "COCO" Chanel wasn't exactly the "goody-two-shoe", raised in an orphanage, she used to come up with stories about her life. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but from what I've read so far, Coco lived in her own little world. Many knows her but only Coco knows the 'real' her. Like most of us, fame and fortune wasn't handed down to her, but the most inspiring thing about her earlier life-story, was her will-power to get to where she wanted. In the end, all the accolades she received is well-worth her persistence and effort. Amazing story worth the time to read through and get inspired, especially if you love fashion and wants to live and breathe the industry.


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