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Saturday, March 27, 2010

.my janome 1008 - beginner's best friend.

Accidentally, I fell in love with the world of sewing. The freedom and ability to create your own dress, dictating your own fashion, is very attractive to me. So at the moment, I am expanding my knowledges and skills about pattern/dress-making. I am beyond ecstatic! I recently purchased the beautiful JANOME 1008, chose JANOME by the suggestion of my lovely friend, Daniele, whom almost certainly is in love with her very own JANOME. My current project is to finish the little black skirt and afterwards I need to start on my dream, light-cool-summer jacket.

Through another lovely friend of mine, Rosie, I have found burdastyle.com. Amazing web to browse for all dress-maker regardless of skill levels. Great source of patterns, some are free and some you have to pay. The wonderful thing about this website is the many tips/tricks on sewing in their "learning" page. The more I learn about sewing, the more I fall in love with fashion :D


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