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Thursday, February 4, 2010

.missK a.k.a. karina.

Hi everybody! So here's a little bit of an introduction about me and this blog. I'm Karina, Indonesian-born, Australian-raised aspiring stylist/fashion writer/boutique owner. For that reason, I'm definitely a dreamer :D I'm a lover of fashion and I championed personal style. the style nook for me, is a place where I can share my view on my favorite things in life, fashion, travel and life itself!
Inspired by many fashion blogs out there, esp. the sartorialist, who what wear and definitely the style scrapbook, I have created the style nook to share with the world why I love fashion, travel and life :D Working at retail industry at the moment, gives me some insights on what's coming to Australian market in terms of trends and fashion.
Hope you enjoy this blog of mine :) Feel free to comment and please follow this blog as well :)
Thanks for reading!
.toodles lovers!.


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